Bodham man prosecuted for fly-tipping

Posted on 19th February 2015 | News Category: eastlaw Prosecutions, Fly-Tipping

Picture of Magistrates CourtAnother successful prosecution by eastlaw, on behalf of North Norfolk District Council, following an investigation by the Council’s Environmental Protection Officers.

Reports were received from members of the public of a vast quantity of waste, fly-tipped in a field in Colby. The waste was discovered to have originated from the clearance of a property in North Walsham which was undertaken by Mr Drake’s company, ‘Call Rodney’.

Despite the householder paying Mr Drake to legally dispose of the waste, large quantities of plastics, furniture, textiles, white goods, electrical items, carpet, glass and crockery were later found dumped.

Cara Jordon, prosecuting barrister, set out the facts of the case for Magistrates and Mr Drake pleaded guilty to the following waste offences:

  1. transporting waste without being registered as a waste carrier [Contrary to S1 of the Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989];
  2. knowingly cause controlled waste to be deposited [Section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990];
  3. failing to comply with Duty of Care to prevent a fly tipping offense [Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990];
  4. failing to transfer the waste to an authorised person and secure the transfer of a written description of the waste [Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990];
  5. failing to produce a waste transfer notes when required to do so by the Council [Contrary to Regulation 35 Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 and Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990].