Services for Housing Associations

We undertake any public sector legal work and only act for public, not for profit and charitable organisations.  The values and ambitions of our legal practice support the values and ambitions of your organisation.

Our expertise

Our solicitors and barristers are experts in social housing, and in particular we are exceptionally knowledgeable in anti-social behaviour.  We have second to none experience in anti-social behaviour orders, possession orders on anti-social behaviour grounds, anti-social behaviour injunctions, powers of arrest and committal proceedings.  We also have extensive experience in the powers and statutory duties of local authorities and the police and where those powers can be most effectively used to enhance and underpin taking legal proceedings for our housing clients.

eastlaw and our partners

We are proactive and creative in what we do, and we achieve excellent results for our clients, but we couldn’t do that without you.  The relationship that we have with our clients is paramount, because it is that which delivers exceptional results.

Value for money

We don’t provide a bargain basement service.  Ours is an expert, bespoke and niche service and we provide excellent value for money, but that doesn’t mean to say we don’t keep an eye on cost.